Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

-          Extreme fatigue

-          Weak muscles

-          Easy to gain weight

-          Loss of sexual desire

-          Pain in the joints

-          Wrinkles

-          Depression

-          Flabby skin

-          Cold hands

-          Thinning hair

-          Weak nails

These symptoms are normal signs of aging. These can mostly be attributed to the declining hormones as the body ages. Many aspects of aging are caused by a decrease in hormone secretion.  Hormone replacement therapy restores your hormones to an optimal level, contributing to slow the aging process and prevent disease.

Rejuvenate from within, regain your youth, beauty, energy and health and keep them! New preventive treatment with natural hormone.


Reduce percentage of body fat

Improve skin condition

Prevent Osteoporosis

Improve immune system and curative capabilities

Reduce cholesterol

Increase basal body temperature

Recover sexual desire

Improve nerve function, cardiopulmonary function, and liver function

Bioidentical Hormones = Biologically Equivalent Hormones

It has been claimed that some HRT treatments can result in side-effects as the hormones used are not always identical in structure to hormones produced naturally in the body.  However, at Azabu skin clinic we use hormones with identical chemical structures to the natural hormones, so potential side-effects are greatly reduced or entirely eliminated.

Thorough Body Check

Before and after the Hormone Replacement Therapy, our patients are able to take the following examinations upon request:
- Blood test (liver function, kidney function, tumor marker, hormone level, etc.)
- Urine test

Course Outline:

Counseling: Hormone Medication Prescription
Please first make an appointment with our clinic for consultation. After checking your condition and needs, the doctor will suggest the appropriate tests. Hormone medication prescription starts according to your test results.

HRT Consultation Fee:   JPY 5,400


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